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Bitcoin Casinos – Which online casinos accept the new crypto currency? – November 2019

With the increasing popularity of the Bitcoin system in the digital sector, some online casinos have decided to introduce this crypto currency as a payment option for their users. If you are enthusiastic about the idea of paying online with Bitcoin and are now looking for the right online casino, then you have come to the right place. We’ve created a list of the best casinos for Bitcoin users and have studied them in detail. You will find the list at the bottom of this page.

Bitcoin’s reputation in the use of online casinos

The first Bitcoin network was established in 2009, but Bitcoin did not enter the mainstream market as a new, modern and independent currency until 2011. This currency differs from other, traditional currency forms such as the US dollar, euro and sterling in that it is a so-called “crypto currency”.

Unlike other currencies, there is no central bank to manage it, and there is no fixed exchange rate. Bitcoin only works via a peer-to-peer marketplace. Over the years, Bitcoin has gained great popularity and a good reputation. Since 2014, thousands of online shops have opened for Bitcoin and offer the currency as a payment option. In the course of this development numerous online casinos now offer Bitcoin.

Why choose Bitcoin casinos?

Bitcoin casinos offer their users complete anonymity when gambling. In most cases, the only information you are required to provide is your email address. This is necessary in order for the casino to be able to send its users a new password if they lose it.

As the modern currency of the digital information age, Bitcoin offers the opportunity to have absolute control over your bankroll. But there are also other advantages that other payment methods cannot offer. In principle, the lack of any obsolescence of money is one of the biggest advantages – both for online casinos and for players who choose Bitcoin casinos.

The reason for this is simple: there is no institution that can simply withdraw or freeze funds, as sometimes happens when using traditional currencies.

For online casinos, other payment methods are also much more expensive than Bitcoin: the processing fees can be quite high. Whoever uses Bitcoin, on the other hand, has to pay nothing or almost nothing in processing fees – unlike Skrill Casinos, PayPal Casinos, Neteller Casinos, where you have to pay fees on deposits or withdrawals.

Those who use one of the Bitcoin casinos don’t have to worry about annoying fees. Both sides profit from this, because if online casinos make losses or have to raise additional costs, then you change the chances of winning, to the disadvantage of the users. However, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up, as some casinos may still try to charge players. This is especially true in the US markets, where customers often have to leave up to 10% of their winnings to the casino when paying out.