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Game Of Thrones Slot: Microgaming sings the song of ice and fire

The new season of Game Of Thrones is just around the corner! This is reason enough for us to take a closer look at the eponymous slots by Microgaming. No matter if you are a fan of the honorable Starks, or if you prefer to support the power-hungry Lannisters, here you can become the king of Westeros!

If, like us, you can’t wait until John Snow (dead or alive?), Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister transport the tragedy of this legendary TV series into the viewers’ living rooms in their very special way, then you’re not alone! Millions of people are just waiting for Game Of Thrones to finally start again. In the meantime, take a look at Microgaming’s slot machines!

Technical Features

Game of Thrones 243 Ways is a 5 reel, 3 row machine with 243 payout paths. Bets start at €0.30 and range up to €6.00, so you don’t have to be rich as a Lannister to play this slot machine. On the other hand, the maximum bet of €6 is somewhat limited. We would have liked to have seen a larger bandwidth.

Naturally, Microgaming relies on a proven technology and original soundtrack for such an important slot machine as Game Of Thrones. In order to really bring the feeling of the books or the TV series to the screen, the coats of arms of the houses, the iron throne, the sign of the TV series, as well as poker symbols in GoT style can be found in this machine. Unfortunately, Microgaming has neglected to include video sequences from the series and characters from the original. It would have been great to meet Daenerys, John, Arja, Tyrion etc. again in this slot machine.

If you don’t want to do without your daily dose of Game Of Thrones on the go, it’s worth playing this video slot machine on your smartphone, because Microgaming has included a mobile version of the machine.

Bonuses and winnings

Even if you can’t play the wealth of Bravos, Game Of Thrones can earn you some money at Game Of Thrones. In order to make sure that the player will survive short periods of dryness without any damage, Microgaming has come up with some features that will keep the player happy.

The core of the extras are the free spins. If the Scatter symbol, the Iron Throne, appears three or more times on the reels, the player may select one of four free spins. To stick to the theme of the machine, you may join one of the four large houses of Westeros. Would you rather be a Lannister or Baratheon? Or are you part of the Stark family? Or do you join the Targaryens and fly kites over Westeros? All houses come with a varying number of free spins, combined with varying multipliers. Which combination suits you best will influence your decision.

If you are not completely satisfied with your winnings yet, and want to exchange your house in Winterfell for a villa in King’s Landing, we recommend the world travel function, where you can double your winnings. As you can see, life in Westeros is not that hard!

Microgaming delivers solid, but not gourmet food. The slot machine lacks some liveliness and graphic brilliance! It would have been nice if Microgaming had integrated video sequences or animated characters into the slot machine. Still, Game Of Thrones is a good slot machine, and the Free Spin feature is a great way to have fun with it. In the end, this slot machine is definitely suitable to get you in the mood for the TV series, but players who can’t do much with Game Of Thrones should take alternatives!