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Megadeth Slot: Leander Games rocks you with heaps of free spins

Did you also swivel your hair forward and in all directions in your youth? If not, here comes your second chance: the Megadeth slot machine from the house Leander Games.

Because for all who don’t know, Megadeth is a well-known trash metal group with a very special music style, which reminds a little of Heavy Metal. This group was founded by Dave Mustaine in the early 80’s and is still active after a dozen albums. You can therefore play with one of the most recognized groups on the metal scene.

A ticket for every budget

This slot machine consists of 5 reels with various symbols such as guitars, plectrums, speakers, drums, a Megadeth logo and the four members of the group.

Megadeth has 40 payment lines at your disposal, the composition of which you can view by clicking on the “Info” button.

The stakes are obligatory on all lines. You can bet one coin per line. You can determine its value yourself. This can be either 0,01€ / 0,02€ / 0,03€ / 0,04€ / 0,05€ / 0,1€ / 0,25€ / 0,50€ / 1€ / 2€ / 3€ / 4€ / 5€ or 10€. As you can see, the lowest possible bet is 0.40€ and the highest is 400€.

This concert will be worthwhile

At the Megadeth slot machine you can expect numerous winning opportunities. If you manage to collect 5 Megadeth symbols on one payment line, you have the chance to win 5.000€ per round. This is enormous for a maximum bet of 400€. Then there are the symbols of the three musicians, who are also very profitable.

But the greatest strength of Megadeth are without a doubt the numerous bonuses.

We start with the wild symbol with the face of the band leader. If you have a wild symbol, then it covers the whole reel and allows you to make paylines.

Then you have the option to activate the “Nudge”. This option is certainly advantageous for you, but it is expensive. It allows you to double your bet. So if you bet 400€ and activate the nudge, the total bet is 800€. The way this nudge works is to adjust the reels 2, 3 and 4 so that you can win the maximum amount. A great but expensive option.

When a bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, you have the chance to spin the big wheel that gives you instant money, the “Hangar 18” bonus for free spins or the “Head Crusher” bonus.

The “Head Crusher” is a bonus where you can become active yourself. Choose one of the 10 prisoners for the fight. It is a good idea to choose a woman as this will increase the wager. For a man, the opposite is the case.

This slot machine is really easy to play, whether you like Megadeth or not, you can hope for high winnings. Be sure to try it.