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Aegle Waygate – An IRC, text-based Medieval Fantasy RPG. Character sheet enforced, and customization. We are a writing-intensive game which emphasizes gritty realism and character development.
Founded on 09/25/2010
Added on 09/04/2011

Dark Plains – Dark Plains is a fantasy based role play site. Many realms await you here, from medival, to fantasy to modern. Come one come all, to the realm of Dark Plains and be anything you can imagine from Dragon to Knights, to Vampire and Werewolf. Any all are welcome here and adventures of all kinds await you.
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Mystical Realms – Mystical Realms is made up of several worlds centered around the realm of Zatrikion, a plane set in a mysterious time of fantasy. Magic rules and all matter of creature lives within – elves and dragons, humans and vampires. At Mystical Realms you can build YOUR whole role playing world with us.
We have the chat, the web space, the templates for everything you need to build worlds.
Add your creation or step into ours. We truly are a role playing community.

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Imperia – Imperia is a fantasy based, advanced freeform role playing game based on IRC and hosted on the Sorcerynet IRC network. It is a never ending epic between many forces, filled with riveting storylines, extensively fleshed out environments, and all the people, places, and things that bring fantasy roleplay to an entirely new level. An all too enveloping realm combined with a high standard of roleplay meshes together to make the best freeform roleplaying experience online.
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