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After Happy Endings Fairytale – Did you ever wonder what happened after a fairytale’s ending? After all, we all know an ending is nothing but a new beginning. There’s no such thing as “happily ever after”, something must have happened afterwards, but what? After Happy Endings is exactly about that. You can think of us as: Fairytales set in a realistic universe. Grimm Brothers meets Game of Thrones. We are currently on the Arc I of what we intend will be a massive player-driven story about the kingdoms of the realm and their destinies. What is the Arc I about? Head to the site and find out!

Founded on 02/14/2012
Added on 02/24/2012

Age of Kabal Low – The king is dying, the nobles are scheming, the highlanders are uniting, the Karashi of Ingar are rejoicing over their new freedom. It is the year A. 1341, and there will be war. It is the Age of Kabal.

Founded on 02/07/2012
Added on 03/26/2012

Aztersil – Aztersil is an engaging, unique world that can offer your imagination a playing field like no other. An original role play set in a politically dynamic setting where your characters can carve out their own adventures, and immerse themselves in this vast, varied world. While it is enough to be considered a fully formed world, Aztersil is constantly growing and changing as new discoveries are made.
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Added on 02/06/2012

Forsaken Sanctuary Futuristic – When the sinful battles the saintly, lines are bound to be crossed. In the year 3030, the worlds are ruled by a corrupt Government. The time has come when the Government has decided to eradicate all of the sinful creatures, yet what exactly is sinful? In this time of Light versus Dark, you just might find that there is no such thing as a saint. When worlds clash and darkness is brought forward, who will find their Sanctuary, and who will be the Forsaken?
Founded on 11/23/2011
Added on 01/18/2012

Marked Contemporary – Marked is a moderate/advanced modern fantasy roleplay; a place for writers to gather and spin tales of adventure, coming of age, romance, betrayal, lost artifacts, special powers, and mysterious creatures all in the secret world of the modern day.

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Mazikeen Urban – There exists in our world the descendants of intermixing between human and supernatural races. Hundreds of years later, the supernatural blood comes to the surface, producing throw-back babies called Remnants who inherit both physical traits and supernatural abilities of their ancestors. But the gift is a double-edged sword and in no place is this more apparent than here in Los Duendes, California.

Founded on 08/11/2011
Added on 12/12/2011

Our Glass Hearts Contemporary – Soleus is a young world paralleled to our own. It is a wondrous place, filled with creature you thought resided only in your dreams and accessible to Earth through mirror travel. It’s beautiful. Almost perfect, but a dark shadow has been looming overhead and gathering form. Disappearances are being reported at an alarming rate.The papers report more missing persons each day. The citizens grow frightened of this nameless terror, for any one of them could be abducted next. Who is behind it all? Why, The Cabal, of course. Spellcasters and Half-Demons for hire who think that mixing magic with science will ultimately be an advancement to the society. Their enemies? Harlequin group, a rebel alliance of werewolves, skinwalkers and vampires all set to take The cabal down. Will you aid the resistance, or will you choose to side with the shadows?
Founded on 09/28/2011
Added on 10/19/2011

Reborn Revolution – Reborn Revolution might just be for you! We’re an RPG set in our own world of Rea. People have been born on Rea with strange powers that they don’t understand, and no memory of who they were in any past lives. It is a world welcome to many beings; magical, demon, angelic, etc. The, once peaceful, government has been overthrown by a harsh and cruel dictator. Those who are Reborn find themselves hunted down, and are gathering forces to fight back.

Founded on 12/12/2011
Added on 12/27/2011

The Legends of Kateria – Legends of Kateria is an original fantasy board with no word-count, short application, and an open setting. The main story of the board is based on plot arcs, so each story has a beginning and a resolution, though the board itself is more character-centric. Will your character be the villain or the hero in these legends? Check out our unique fantasy races, canons, and factions.
Founded on 12/16/2011
Added on 12/20/2011

Vendetta Medieval – Shape-Shifters – Four Realms, each a separate alliance. In the midst of dispute, they have inhabited opposite corners of the great island, calling each other their enemies. Yet while they war with each other, a greater danger is lurking in the shadows of an island off of its coast. The members of Ombra have their eyes set on these three major realms. Their power grows with every rising sun, and the other realms, unknowing, are ignorant of the peril that lies ahead of them.
Founded on 09/18/2011
Added on 10/19/2011