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Abaddon City – An open style RPG, with minimal rules in order to allow for people to fully use their imagination on their characters creation, history and their overall growth. We have very few limitations on the basis of your character so feel free to use the lore you most adore.
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Blow Me Away – We are an original supernatural roleplay site loosely based off of 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga, and Frostbite. Our roleplay takes place in the fictional town of Tonraq, Alaska where different species are clashing over territory and natural loathing. We are an intermediate board with a minimum word count requirement of three hundred and fifty.
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Fallen Dreams PbP – Supernatural – Contemporary – Welcome to Fallen Dreams, an intermediate to advanced, supernatural role-playing game, where humans are no longer the dominating species. When meteor crashes struck Earth in the earlier 2012, nothing was the same. Humans began developing strange, new powers, and with it creatures came forth, no longer the stuff of legend and stories.

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Nightshift – Nestled between the foggy coast and forested mountains, Santa Cruz is a quirky college town and summertime haven for surfers and vacationers. But locals know what the tourists don’t — the city is a wellspring of weirdness. Numerous cryptid sightings and hauntings have been reported, the city attracts occultists by droves, and the unsolved missing persons cases rises every year. What even most of the locals don’t know is that Santa Cruz occupies a place where the barrier between this world and the next wears thin, and all sorts of unearthly things creep in from the other side. That level of paranormal activity draws the attention of other monsters too: vampires stalk the streets at night, werewolf communes occupy the densely forested mountains, and wererats trade favors on the wharf. Downtown, they sell t-shirts that say ‘Keep Santa Cruz Weird’. They have no idea.
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Not Your Entertainment Zombie – When a vaccine meant to help cure the flu goes horribly wrong, how will you handle the end of the world? Zombie apocalypse rpg with a touch of paranormal.

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Only After Nightfall – Set in Los Angeles, Only After Nightfall is a mystery-neo-noir role-playing game which follows Vince Valiant, a dishearten and hard-boiled private investigator and bounty hunter, as he combats the malevolent inhabiting the bustling metropolis. Referred to as Veronica Mars meets Constantine, the RPG follows Valiant Investigations as it sets out to protect those in need from more than just your average ardent criminals. The company’s specialty reigns in primarily battling the forces of Hell, which plague the “City of Angels”… how ironic. Join the game and figure out where it is you lie in the ongoing battle between good and evil – will you be hero or villian?
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Plagued: Active Zombie RP Horror – Zombie – It has been nearly three years since the dead began to rise and a rapidly increasing population of supernatural threats are on the move. Will humanity survive such a deadly plague? Or is it already too late? With more available to you than just humans, Plagued offers a variety of courses for your character.

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Scriptor Bay Supernatural – Contemporary – Legend has it that the city of Scriptor Bay is protected by guardians. All the locals have heard the stories dating back to when the natives roamed the land, and all the stories are based upon one single tree located in the center of the city; The Tree of Enlightenment.
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Souls On Fire – The entire city of New York is blighted with reports of hauntings and demon possessions, keeping the New York Paranormal Society — a cult of doomsday and conspiracy-theorists ever on its toes with ghost-hunter-style investigations and exorcisms. On the opposite end of the spectrum however, are the Enlightened Ones — an elite cult of so-called Devil Worshipers, whose mission may well be to bring about the cataclysmic end of the world. Caught in the middle between the crossfire of these two opposing cults are the countless faces comprising the sea of humanity for whom, with their devil-may-care revelry and callus attitudes, life is just one endless party. Learn the mysteries of life and experience no boundaries in both pain and pleasure. Whatever it is that you seek, you shall find it in spades along this journey of Souls on Fire.
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The Menagerie – Welcome to The Menagerie! We’re a three-years-strong futuristic shape-shifter roleplay, with four unique species to create, and even mutate~ Shapeshifters, Retromorphs, Anthromorphs and even our very own Viruses, for which you can purchase weapons and skills! Set in the year 2307, these Shifters and other species are trapped in a glass bio-dome and are currently the experiments of a group of scientists known as Keepers (who you can also create!) These “experiments” are pitted against each other in the ultimate test that nature (and the Keepers) can create – survival.
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Zoanthrope Investigations – Killamarsh, England, is one of many places full of zoanthropes (humans who can change into animals). Fearing the safety of humankind, every police force in the world possesses a ZI unit that must keep zoanthropy secret from human civilians, deal with crimes committed by or against zoans and monitor the shifter groups.
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