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Amedaria Online Fandom – Mixed – High Fantasy PbP – Amedaria Online is an Rp World that combines Medieval Fantasy with Anime. It’s a Rp where we give you the plot, and depending on how your actions go, will determine the final plots of the forum. You can join and make characters as that range from Goku of DBZ to Luffy of One Pice and more.

Founded on 01/22/2012
Added on 02/15/2012

Bleach Worlds Fandom – Bleach – PbP – Bleach World is a unique role play, with its own unique rules, players, and events. And we take that to the ultimate level, with the very foundation of our game built around a dramatically experience-changing question: What if you were to take the wonderful world Tite Kubo created but take away every character? Come explore a new world!

Founded on 10/25/2011
Added on 11/29/2011

Digital Dreams Fandom – Digimon – PbP – Digital Dreams is an AU, literate Digimon RP Site that has been going strong since May of 2006. While it has swapped hands many times, it has never wavered and always had a strong staff and member base. It allows RPers of all skill levels to rp and have fun here and puts an emphasis on improving your writing skills. It has gone through several changes in the past month to better keep with the times. We hope to see you there.
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Requiem of Geass V.2. Fandom – Code Geass – PbP – We are a Code Geass RPG based on the anime ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.’ The plot takes places ten years after then end of R2. Come check us out for more info and our original plot!

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The Naruto Uzumaki RPG Fandom – Naruto – PbP – TNRPG is a site dedicated to play-by-post roleplay set 400 years after the events in the “Naruto” series. Play as your very own shinobi character and forge your own story amongst the many others doing the same. Each nation has its own objectives, and with secret organizations ever drifting in the background war is always on the horizon. Rise to the top and become the hero of your village as a Kage or drift into the shadows as a dreaded Missing-nin. Gather your team and set off on your adventure today! Custom bloodlines, villages, and organizations accepted. How will your shinobi way stand against others?
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Threads of Fate Fandom – Yu Yu Hakusho – PbP – Threads of Fate is a Yu Yu Hakusho RPG that takes place shortly before the Dark Tournament. We accept Canons and Original characters, plus an engaging plot, a fun and exciting community, and a Newbie Guide for those unfamiliar with the story and characters of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Founded on 02/07/2012
Added on 02/18/2012

Uncharted Fandom – Naruto – PbP – A brand new Naruto roleplay that has no word count minimum, is plotless, and has many templates to chose from. We allow just about any kind of character, as long as they are human. Staff is very experienced, the head admin having about 10 years in all rp styles.

Founded on 02/20/2012
Added on 03/24/2012

Whispers In the Dark Fandom – Vampire Knight – PbP – The headmaster has decided the vampires aren’t enough of an “exciting” addition to Cross Academy. Now he has upped the ante with the introduction of a new species that just so happens to be their manufactured enemy: werewolves.
Founded on 02/17/2012
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