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Cerulean Sins – An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series RP Fandom – Vampire Hunters – PbP – Ding Dong the Rex is Dead! At least that’s what people are singing! The city has found a sense of Peace and security with his death and the Clans have been able to prosper! Alliances are being formed and the Clans are coming together! But Danger has taken a new form and come to Miami, wanting to call it home. Skinned Bodies are being discovered all over the city and attacks have started to be reported, some lycan on lycan crime. Can the Police stop these attacks and protect the people of Miami? Or will the Supernatural community have to take it into their own hands? Perhaps the forming Coven of Witches will help, or they might instead answer the call of this new darker power. The newspaper has barely warned its citizens of what is out there, leaving everyone fresh for the picking. The question is simple: can the bridge between natural and supernatural be built? Or will they all suffer for their intolerance and differences? Either way the creatures running rampant in their bloodlust need to be stopped. Can the new Alliances withstand this test or will the city fall deeper into the darkness?

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Circus of the Damned – An AU OC Anita Blake RP Community Fandom – Anita Blake – PbP – Circus of the Damned is a semi-literate to literate alternate universe (AU) Anita Blake roleplaying community. We are set during the present year of 2011 in New York City. The story plotline will follow real time events (this includes seasons, holidays, ect.) Some holidays and such may be extended due to site-wide events or plot purposes.
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Dear Old Shiz Fandom – Oz & The Wicked Years – PbP – Set in Shiz University, the Animal rights movement has been sweeping fast across Oz. As the tension mounts, no one knows what will become of their great nation, but one thing is certain: Oz will never be the same again.

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Forever Night – An Anne Bishop, Black Jewels RPG Fandom – Black Jewels – PbP – So many thousands of years have passed that the names of those who had such a huge role in shaping the future of the blood, have passed beyond time into the realm of myth and legend. Once more the blood travels dark roads, once more the allure of greed and power pull at their hearts. Will the blood fall once more into the same traps? Will the blood once more become tainted? Will Witch ever again need to walk the realms? What happens next is up to you.

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Hunger Games: The RPG Fandom – Hunger Games – PbP – Imagine a futuristic North America destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Only the mainland would survive, and only survive barely on the materials left from the devastation. The kids are now breadwinners, workers, or (if lucky) the ones who live in luxury, near the capital city of the remaining country that we now call “Panem”. Many don’t live that long. Twenty-three 12-18 year olds will die certainly in one year, because of one competition that forces them to fight against each other to survive. Only one can make it to the end, gaining lifelong honor and food for their city and themselves. Only one will be able to see his/her family and friends again. Welcome to the Hunger Games.
We are the first and largest RPG in existence based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, with over 1800 members.
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Obsidian Butterfly – An Anita Blake RPG Fandom – Anita Blake/Merry Gentry – PbP – St. Louis, MO. Present day. By daylight, your average urban setting, with inhabitants going about their day-to-day alive. By nightfall, the city comes to life and not everyone on the street is what they seem. Vampires. Shapeshifters. Fey. Witches. All can be found throughout St. Louis if you strip away the skin and find the blood within. Welcome to Obsidian Butterfly, an active intermediate-to-advanced Anita Blake/Merry Gentry RPG; if danger and mystique is what you’ve wanted, we’ve got it. We’re here in the shadows, where monsters lie and we’re waiting for you.

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Splintered Visions Warriors – PbP – Splintered Visions is a Warriors RPG based on the best selling series by Erin Hunter, the rpg is based on the original books.

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