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Absit Omen Fandom – PbP – Absit Omen: Harry Potter RPG is a forum-based role-playing game based in 2009 about 10 years after the legendary Battle of Hogwarts. The community is thriving with a fully active Hogwarts and Wizarding World. Politics? Action? Romance? Magic? All of it! We prioritize fun, consistency, and canon!

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Alohomora Fandom – PbP – Alohomora is a sixth year Potter era site that loosely follows the plot of the sixth book. It is open for canon and original characters and has friendly staff and admin. Come join us and see what secrets you can unlock with Alohomora!

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Charming – Victorian Potterverse Fandom – PbP – Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set in the village of Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have upper, middle and lower class characters as well as a few non-humans including: Centaurs, Goblins, House-Elves, Merfolk, Ghosts and Vampires. Our storyline is constantly being developed by the players and characters. We strive to be a mature, friendly and drama-free community that focuses on quality over quantity and having fun.
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Headed for Hell Fandom – PbP – Marauders’ era site set in 1976. We accept both canon and original characters, students and adults alike. We’re an advanced site with a word count of 500. The Dark Lord is on the rise and we’ll be holding monthly sitewide events that will tie into the main plot and upcoming war.
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Hogwarts Online School – An AU Harry Potter RPG Fandom – PbP – Hogwarts Online School, commonly known as HOS, is an AU Harry Potter role playing site set generations after the Epilogue in Deathly Hallows. HOS is 7 years old, and has over 200 boards, 2500 members, and teaches many magical subjects.
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Mudblood Fandom – PbP – Mudblood is a Post-Canon Harry Potter RP set in the Year 2117 where the lines between the Muggle and the Magical worlds are being blurred. Now that Muggles know the secret, they are doing everything to be at par with magic. With a cold war going on, what will light the fuse and make everything come crashing down?

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Pathway to Dystopia Fandom – PbP – A Harry Potter AU set in the Marauders Era. A brand new darkness is setting in, whose side will you be on? Only you can decide…
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Thestrals & Time-Turners Fandom – PbP – Harry Potter Era Intermediate RP, set in 6th year. We are following Half-Blood Prince, though slightly AU to allow for OCs to influence plot. Canons & Originals welcome. 2-Paragraph minimum per post. Active plots and a friendly, active community!

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Unforgivable PbP – It’s a brand new semester at Hogwarts, a new year… a fresh start for the children of Harry Potter’s famous generation. With a low word count, this literate/advanced site has much to offer these new witches and wizards. Unfortunately life is never easy and there have been whispers of a new war, one with perhaps even deadlier consequences than the First and Second Wizarding Wars combined. Will these witches and wizards stand strong, or crumble beneath an even more frightening dark wizard than ever before? Turn the page to the next chapter and find out.
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