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As It Never Was Fandom – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – PbP – As It Never Was – is a literate to advanced role playing site based on the TV shows Buffy and Angel. It takes place in the Wish’verse a year after the events of the Episode “The Wish”. The smashing of Anyanka’s necklace did nothing, and the universe carries on. However, suddenly canons from the original timeline are showing up unexpectedly.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Consequences Fandom – Buffy – Set in the world after Buffy: Season 7 (TV)and Angel: After the Fall (comics). Set in a time when it is hard to tell where alliances are going to fall, the world is in turmoil. Lines are being drawn in the sand, and the war is about to start.

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Control Your Destiny Fandom – Supernatural – PbP – Set after the end of season two of Supernatural, Jo Harvelle has gone missing for two months and her mother, Ellen, had called in all sorts of a favors to find her to no avail. When Jo had finally gotten in contact with her mother, she had defiantly changed. She seemed distant, dangerous, and suicidal, and gotten even more so when she learned about what Dean had done before her disappearance. Where had Jo been? Hell. Why had she been there? That is the question that needs answering. No one really knows, and what is the reason? Are you brave enough to find out?

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Dark Hooks for the Soul Fandom – The Tudors – PbP – It is thirteen years into the reign of Henry VIII. The King grows steadily more impatient with his lack of an heir, the Queen grows increasingly more desperate for a son, the decadence of the Church leads to the spread of Lutheranism… As if there needed to be more fuel added to this fire, the King has now laid eyes on Anne Boleyn,and rumor has it that he’s quite taken with her.

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Dead, Not Buried Fandom – Vampire Diaries – PbP – DEAD, NOT BURIED is a literate to advanced role playing site based on the TV show The Vampire Diaries. Our plot jumps off after the seventh episode of season three and creates an alternate storyline unique to this site. Elements and characters introduced in the future may be incorporated as needed.

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Dearly Departed TV – Vampire Diaries – PbP – The Vampire Diaries Role Playing Game Site. AU – Alternate Universe, that takes place mid-season three from the hit television series.
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Highlander: The Immortals Fandom – Highlander – PbP – Highlander: The Immortals is a roleplaying site that takes place in modern day Philadelphia after the events of Highlander: The Series. We welcome both canon and original characters.

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Keep the Magic Secret Fandom – BBC’s Merlin – PbP – Uther Pendragon’s going mad, Merlin’s betrayed Morgana and released the Dragon and Camelot’s enemies are closing in. How can anyone Keep the Magic Secret when danger is all around? An active, long running Merlin forum based on the hit BBC tv show. The adventures of the young Arthurian heros.

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Once Upon a Time Fandom – Once Upon a Time – PbP – Once Upon a Time is an AU RPG based on ABC’s new hit series! It’s the same fairytales you know and love but with your own twists and turns. Set on the fictional island of Stonebrook, OUAT will take you on new adventures. Check us out today!

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The Fine Line… Between Good and Evil Fandom – Vampire Diaries – PbP – We’re an AU Vampire Diaries which means that we still have all the characters from the television programme but allows you to have original characters too. Set in Mystic Falls it has all the same comfortable, familiar feel to it but without actually following the programme’s storyline. Here we’re allowing you to have your own little storylines to play out. Perhaps in the future we’ll have a site wide plot, but for the moment it’s up to you.

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The Walking Dead RPG Fandom – Walking Dead – PbP – An AU RPG based on AMC’s show the walking dead. Taking place after the second season’s mid season finale. An open plot allows members to freely create their own character’s destiny. Providing character options such as survivors, raiders, and walkers, allows players the most of their RPing experience, and always guarantees excitement. How will you survive?
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Added on 12/03/2011Yen Sid Academy Fandom – TV/Movies – Disney – PbP – Welcome to Yen Sid Academy in New Hampshire! Students, new and old, are cross the threshold to this place of learning. Some want to be part of a new world while others want to conquer the world… or rather the school. All of them have a familiar personality, as if they came from the mind of Walt Disney himself. Are you prepared to join the ranks of this miraculous school? Will you choose to be a perky and proper princess or deceitful and mischievous like many villainous teens before? Either way you will never forget this experience once you have been to this unique school. Be prepared!

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