Fandom/Fanfic – Twilight

Midnight Sun Fandom – PbP – Forks. The once peaceful town has succumbed to the mysterious lives of vampires. Bella is forced to consider where her future truly lies with the discovery of Edward’s once bethrowed Katherine, a now Volturi loyal. Meanwhile hell bent on revenge after the death of her mate, Victoria is creating an army of shifters, newborns and even children of the moon … Read our full plot on site.
Founded on 01/02/2012
Added on 01/08/2012

One Step Closer Fandom – PbP – One Step Closer is an AU Twilight Saga roleplay for all literacy levels. It takes place “pre-books” back before there were veggie vampires known in the world. Blood runs red in the streets of Forks and Seattle, and with no one there to stop them, the vampires feel almost invincible. Meanwhile, in La Push, the youths are experiencing some changes. To combat the influx of vampires into Forks, their ancestral blood is kick starting their change into werewolves. Will numbers be enough if the vampires get too much more out of hand?
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What It Takes Fandom – Twilight – PbP – AU New Moon where nothing is as it seems and vampires aren’t the only creatures you have to worry about. With over 8 playable species and more being added all the time, you’re sure to find something that sparks. So take a look around, say hello – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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