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A Small Collection of Ink – This website is dedicated to various genre online roleplaying. It is not intended for “fan fiction.” Players are encouraged to add their own stories as well as contribute to others.

Founded on 12/01/2010
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Anubis Scripts – Anubis Scripts is a multi-genre roleplaying community, for writers, by writers. It is our mission to provide a fun, creative environment for roleplayers all skill levels to learn from, and growth with, each other. We also have three original worlds. THE FIRST original world is Sabine, revolving around elemental magic springing forth from gods who greedily descended upon the world to ravage the women it held, passing down their magic into the children they sired. THE SECOND original world is Salvagard, Land of the Snow Wolves. At the creation of this world, the gods brought forth many races to populate the world alongside humanity. One such were the shape-shifters, groups of humanoid people who could at will change into a specific animal form. THE THIRD world revolves around a whimsical steampunk universe wherein a goddess, full of purity and benevolence, created a world that showed the true purity of her heart, where humans, full of the magic granted to them, lived without evil for many years. Unbeknownst to the goddess, however, her brother, spiteful and full of mischief, placed a seed of darkness within the land that slowly infected the humans who inhabited it.

Founded on 10/12/2011
Added on 11/29/2011

Bittersweet Forever – BSF is an active role play website that has been active and open since November 2008. It is a multi-genre website that accepts characters from any television series, book series and film plot as well as member-created characters, and unlike many other role play websites, offers complete creative freedom to all members ranging from character creation to character plots. Members also have creative freedom when it comes to their character’s celebrity portrayal, species group, history, romantic and social ties and have an active and sturdy admin team to assist them at any given time.
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Dreamers Land – This forum is for Role-players, writers and anyone that is wanting to place to hang out at.

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Endless Fight – We’re a multi-genre forum for people who just want to get in and roleplay. And if a member doesn’t see a roleplay that interests them, they are more than welcome to create one. We have sections for members to get help on their roleplays as well as discuss every facet of roleplaying. And if they get tired of roleplaying, we have sections where members can discuss virtually everything else. So what are you waiting for? Check us out today.
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Fusion of Worlds – So there came a day like no other. When the very fabric of universes began to unravel and collide. And yet the cause of this disastrous occurrence was not a natural one. The cause appeared to be done by one villain yet could not be pinpointed as to whom. Past, present and future were not separate anymore. All seemingly ending up within the present time frame which has caused confusion for the past people, more so than the future people, with technology and the change in surroundings.
Founded on 09/02/2011
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Iwaku Roleplay – Try a place to play, have a little frivolous fun and get away from reality. From newbies to veterans, we have a relaxed atmosphere and welcome anyone who wants to exercise their creative muse!
Founded on 10/09/2005
Added on 09/08/2011

Mind Blast – A Multi-RP forum that hosts various different Games, including an Anita Blake RPG, a supernatural RPG and a fantasy RPG. There is also a random RP section for other roleplaying, and members have the option of petitioning for new Games to be added.

Founded on 07/01/2011
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Roleplay Central – Roleplay Central is described by its players as a ‘one stop spot for roleplay’. We started out RPing Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the height of its popularity. As the television shows died, we branched off into whatever freeform RPGs interested our members. There are original RPGs and ‘what if?’ scenarios spun off of televisions shows run by both members and administrators.
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Visionary Tales – We’re Visionaries on a mission to nurture an active, diverse community dedicated to multi-genre RPing for all experience levels. Visionary Tales, open since September ’08, is here for you; a wealth of ideas, friendly staff, and welcoming members await you! We’re better than missionaries… we’re Visionaries.
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