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Beyond Bionis Fandom – Xenoblade Chronicles – PbP – The god-continents Bionis and Mechonis have fallen, and the tyrannical Zanza’s reign over the world has ended. The survivors have banded together, and now their city is almost complete. They begin to look outwards, past the ruins of their old world, and wonder – what lies beyond that seemingly endless ocean? Based on the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, we are magitech fantasy with a focus on exploration and collaborative world-building. No word count, canon newbies welcome – we accept both canon characters and OCs.

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Broken Hourglass Multi-Genre – Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts – PbP – A KH/FF roleplay site that allows OCs and characters from other canons, as well as a lot of flexibility, including Alternate Universes. Simple audition/application with a focus on characterization.
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Call of Time Fandom – Elder Scrolls/Skyrim – PbP – This is an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim roleplay set mainly in Skyrim during the Fourth Era, Year 201. It is set during the game’s events, but centers more around Skyrim and the people residing or traveling there. Both canons and original characters are allowed.

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Celestial Refresh Fandom – Multi-Genre -PbP – Ever loved a character so much that you wish you could step into his/her shoes and be him/her? Ever thought about interacting in the world from your favorite computer or video game, dealing with the day-to-day trials and epic encounters that cause you to keep coming back? Interested in a role-playing community where the members are out to have fun above all else, and the staff are dedicated to not only facilitating great stories, but actually helping you improve as a writer and RPer? If the answer to any or all of these questions is “Yeah!” then Celestial Refresh RP (CRRP) might be right up your alley! CRRP has a unique statistics system that is constantly being balanced and updated as time goes on to ensure that just about any sort of character type is a viable choice for players, be they front-line warriors, behind-the-scenes strategists, snipers, or even battleship commanders. The board also works on “liquid” time in most instances, particularly with RP threads; a given character can be interacting in several places at once, and it is up to players to ensure that they keep their own timeline.

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Creations Between Worlds Fandom – Pokemon – PbP – Welcome to Adamantine, a nation settled far north above Unova, divided by Mt. Ashland, also known as “victory road.” Considering most of this northern territory is still a developing region, there are many thousands of miles to explore and discover new things. Yet the underworld crime is just the same as anywhere else with border battles breaking out from time to time between two rival gangs; Team Rocket and Team Plasma. Ask yourself this: are you willing to become a legend?

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Pokemon: Prepare for Trouble! Fandom – Pokemon – PbP – Welcome to Pokemon: Prepare for Trouble! We are a non-canon, mature Pokemon game focusing on darker themes, semi-realism, story-telling over battles, and a freestyle approach to catching pokemon. You must be sixteen or older to play on this forum.

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Realms of Hyrule Fandom – Legend of Zelda – PbP – Realms of Hyrule is a Legend of Zelda RP, taking place one century after the events of Ocarina of Time. Hyrule and Termina have been opened up but there is growing tension between the two sister realms.
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Shadows of the Creed Fandom – Assassins Creed – PbP – Welcome to Shadows of The Creed. An Assassins Creed rp set in the 1560s. This follows the story of the brotherhood of assassins who protect to the creed. Want a unique rp where the focus isn’t on either Altair or Ezio well this is your place.

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Tekken: The King of Iron Fist Roleplay Fandom – Tekken – PbP – The year is 2015, a mere 3 months after Jin Kazama’s war ravaged the world. The Devil-ridden man had disappeared after an ethereal phenomenon took place in Egypt and left the Mishima Zaibatsu under a new leader, Lars Alexandersson. Unbeknownst to the world, a familiar evil was awakening. A beast, an omen, a GOD. Is the world ready to face a larger, more dangerous threat?
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Tellius: A Fantasy Role Play Fire Emblem – PbP – Tellius is a Fire Emblem based fantasy game featuring both canons from Tellius and Elibe alongside originals. For those uninterested in Fire Emblem, we have the continent of Nalavigne; no knowledge of Fire Emblem necessary to play! Nalavigne has a number of interesting new classes to play, such as a necromancer, a doll mage, or a dream weaver! New races are also available. Tellius has no word count and the application system is very short, sweet, and simple. Don’t have a history? No sweat! History is optional! Do we sound like the board for you? Come give us a look today!

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