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Aeterna Roma Ancient Rome – AU Ancient Rome RPG set in 58AD in the Roman Empire. Opened in 08 on proboards before moving to self-hosting. An established and welcoming community.

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Before the Mast Pirates – It’s 1719 in the West Indies. War time and also pirates and privateers are on the prowl. The now allied captains are former enemies and many people aren’t what they seem to be. We have four ships of different allegiances, plenty of swashbuckling adventures, intrigues of all kinds, mutiny, romance, betrayal and the regular life of the Age of Sail. Join us and spend some time BEFORE THE MAST!

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Buffalo Creek Bay Western – Buffalo Creek is a wild west town still struggling through the strife of its youth. Founded by a group of drifters just over a decade ago there is money to be made here if one is willing to devote blood, sweat and tears for it and forgo some indulgences, unless of course those indulgences include whiskey and women. If you can handle the occasional run in with Indians from the north, outlaw drama, tragedy, and manual labor of this quaint late 1860s town, drift on in, take your boots off and settle down for the long haul.
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Jewel of the Nile Historical – Ancient Egypt – Ancient Egypt, the ‘Jewel of the Nile’, is on the verge of civil war. With the threat of attack becoming more and more of a reality, will Egypt, the Jewel of the Nile, survive? This is up to you, all our members!
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Murder & Roses Victorian – Thriller – A Victorian Era rpg set in London.
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Show the Colours Napoleonic – It is the summer of 1809. This is a world at war. Armies are on the move to fight battles that will decide the fate of nations. From battles at sea to skirmishes on land to the secret fact-finding missions of spies of both sides, there is danger at every turn. There is friendship and camaraderie, too. But the clouds are gathering. Where do your loyalties lie? ~~ Show the Colours is set during the Napoleonic Wars, and has been around since 2008. If you have an interest in history and want to know more, come and check us out!

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This World of Woe Victorian Era – Supernatural – Welcome to Victorian London, England! The year is 1843, and the era is in its peak. The Industrial Revolution has just started, but most technology is still in its dark days. Here on “This World of Woe”, all characters help to create site-wide plots that will cycle in and out of play as the game goes on. We do not have an over-all plot with a set “end game”. The focus of the site will be on the characters and their lives, and each mini-plot that comes along can affect them in some way should the player wish it. We are fun, friendly, and inclusive! Join our community today!

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