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Adaptation Equine – Adapt is a free form RP site, we have no pot, no pre-made kingdoms and no land alliances! What we do have is a world that the players create. The name of the game is Adaptation which is exactly what our players do, adapting to the plots of others but also to their harsh environments. Traits, specialized means by which a player can live in a volcano or a sea are handed out freely to all active members. The gameplay is entirely made up by you, create the worlds you’ve always dreamed of or step outside your box and enter the world of another, the choice is completely up to you!

Founded on 07/20/2011
Added on 02/06/2012

Aelyn Reborn PbP – Wolf – Aelyn is a Play by Post fantasy wolf RP. We are labeled as intermediate/advanced, but welcome beginners who are willing and wanting to learn and improve. There is room for advancement both IC and OOC.
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Demori PbP – Animal – Wolf – Fantasy – Demori is a world void of human existence in which wolves have evolved to become the highest sentient beings above all others. As a result, the wolves have developed a primitive culture beyond simple wolf pack society. What makes us “fantasy” is that wolves can have unnatural fur and eye colors, strange markings, wings, and other things that make them different from normal wolves. Although we are a reboot of an older forum, we are essentially brand spankin’ new! Please don’t let that scare you away since now is the best time to join!

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Lux Lucis Equine – This is the realm of Lux Lucis, a place where the Goddess is worshiped by the Incarnates, ignored by the Nobles, and shunned by the Sideth. A place where Unicorns, Pegasus, and Dracoquines exist. a place where elemental powers are every horse’s birthright. Choose from our list of unique species, decide whether you will follow the Goddess or deny her, and pick one of the four elements to start your training. Only you can decide how the future will unfold.
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Predestiny Canine – Predestiny – a place where choices are made, but fate drives those choices. One paw at a time will bring fate closer and when it is upon you, there is little else left to do but act. -Create your own species, plants, packs, belief systems and more, your imagination is the limit! -Participate in the site-wide plot, be the hero in a legend or create your own story! -Roleplay playable characters such as a gods, queens and bunnies!
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Translucence Mixed Species – Our world is not like yours. You see, everyone of us is from another place. Another dimension. Different time-lines, different planets. How did we all get here? Our dreams. We were all stolen. This world, is a dreamscape but under certain circumstances it is now a reality. Have you been stolen too?

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Added on 12/30/2011

Twisted Fury Pack Reborn Mixed Species – TFPR is located in the World of Avalar; set millions of years into the future. All humans have gone completely extinct. Over thousands of years everything that it once used to be has changed. The land left over connected into a super continent, much like when Pangaea. Mysterious gods replenished the planet. Some ancestor creatures of old seemed to reappear, and even ones that none have ever seen nor imagine. An award winning RPG; winning number 1 RP site on all of Wetpaint. Being the oldest, largest and most successful there.
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Valoria Lion – Valoria is a semi-realistic lion roleplay set in a fictional African territory. The site is extremely active and all newcomers are welcomed. Most plots are controlled by the members however frequent optional site-wide plots also occur. There are plenty of different prides all of which can be challenged for. Valoria also has it’s own unique PVP system as well as numerous games, activities, feather rewards and points to collect.
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Virtus PbP – Mixed-Species – Join other literate role players and learn the exciting dynamics of Virtus! Play as wolf rebels, slaves, palace guards, Virtus citizens, or the Black Hand themselves in a city of roman-incan descent. Plunge in to the depths of well-constructed, detailed lands as you role play along side active staff and members. This is your world to join, yours to mold and take part in. The choices of your actions have immediate effects, so step wisely.
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When Wolves Cry Wolf – The islands of Zoarenta have suffered many scars, saying nothing of the wolves who call it their home. Though wanderers and interlopers traverse the myriad terrains, the wolves have banded together in six packs to combat the elements and dangers of the world they live in. Whether these are the religious leaders of the mountain sanctuary or the flagrant warriors of the waterfall, there is no deficit of intrigue, drama, and subterfuge for the Zoarentian wolves. With an entertaining and welcoming atmosphere, come and experience the intermediate-to-advanced roleplay of When Wolves Cry to make friends, devise plots, and overall: have fun!
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