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Death and All His Friends Afterlife – Life sucks and then you die. And then it still sucks. The original life after death RP. (No Bravery reincarnated.) Friendly, unique, and just the right amount of odd.
Founded on 10/05/2011
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Meadowoods University University – Welcome to the town of Meadowoods, CA. a small town which is located in Northern California just outside of the Capital of the Pacific States of America, San Francisco. Home to Meadowoods University, one of the most prestigious and well respected Universities for the Gifted in the PSA and the Meadowoods Institute for Advancement the highest ranked training school for Gifted Individuals in all of the Pacific States of America.

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Our Generation Small Town – A small town rpg with many secrets. How well do you think you know your neighbors?
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Paper’Cliques High School – Oh, it’s a common topic that’s been visited a dozen times before. You and I both know the drill! School is where cliques form and the survival of the fittest is taken into a twisted mentality. It’s where drama is sparked on every individual day. Well, here there is no dramatic happening in these teens’ lives which make them all bond together. There’s nothing that makes them suddenly fall in love. They aren’t trapped in a house together. They aren’t forced to be around each other. Really, there’s nothing to cement these kids with one another. However, they’re united by a single characteristic. They each belong to cliques. They each find it difficult to break free from the boundaries they created for themselves, yet…they need only remember that cliques are paper thin.
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Silentville Small Town – Welcome to Silentville! A beautiful little town that lies on the coast of California south of Santa Cruz. Everyone stops and thinks what a dream it is to live in this town but they don’t know what really happens. Silentville is everything but simple. The one place where nothing as it seems. You will think that things are one way only to find out that they are nothing but the complete opposite of that. Silentville is the tiny town that gossip and drama runs a high. Some people are not sure why but everyone who lives here know that this town is anything but silent.
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