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In Middle Earth Fandom – Tolkien – PbP – This RPG forum is based mainly in J.R.R.Tolkien’s books concerning the Lord of the Rings and takes place during the Year 125 of the Fourth Age so non canon characters are welcome! We hope you enjoy your time here. We have done so for the past 7 years! Join a grand army; develop your character into one of the most mighty men or women in the world. Or find yourself peacefully walking in the gardens of Lothlórien… We wait for you here, in Middle Earth.
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Starlight Kingdom Fandom – Silmarillion – PbP – It is the First Age of Middle Earth. The Elves, having won Dagor Aglareb, the Glorious Battle, have set a siege around the fortress of the Dark Lord Morgoth. Four hundred years of peace have gone by, but not all is as peaceful as it seems. The intrigues of the Elven Courts are a tricky business indeed, and the relationships between the Houses of the Noldor could be considered “complex” at best. Meanwhile deep within angband, Morgoth continues to plot the downfall of the elves as Orcs and Wargs roam the land. The Siege cannot last forever, and when it breaks who knows what will happen?
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