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S.S. Seiklon Axel Fandom – PbEM – Aboard the freighter, Seiklon Axel, characters are not a member of Starfleet or any other establishment. They are on their own, facing a vast universe filled with political intrigues over which they have no power. They are often pawns used in someone else’s game, but they make their way…as best they can. Writers are encouraged to think outside of the Starfleet mindset and develop original, more free thinking characters. The S.S. Seiklon Axel Pbem has been running continuously since 2006. Everyone is welcome to apply, no experience necessary.
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Starbase 242 Fandom – PbEM Starbase 242 built in 2350 around a “K” class planetoid that Starfleet had planned to one day terraform into a habitable environment. However, various political agendas and ‘red tape’ continuously delayed the terraforming project. When the Federation-Dominion war began, Starfleet hoped that the station’s location virtually in the middle of nowhere would make it much less of a target by enemy forces. As such the station was considered to be a major staging point during war. Now that the war is long over, Starbase 242 serves as a major transport and resupply hub in its particular sector of the galaxy.
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Star Trek – Dark Future Fandom – PbEM – Roleplay set in the early years of Star Trek. Control 1 of 13 currently available empires and engage in banter or political maneuvering as you steer your empire to glory on our forum in character. Combine this with the ability to micromanage your empire as you send fleets of ships forth and engage in diplomacy, trade and intelligence gathering. But be warned this is not the standard star trek timeline, something has changed… so prepare for this Star Trek – Dark Future.

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Star Trek Fleet Simulator Fandom – PbP – Welcome to Star Trek Fleet Simulator. We are a Star Trek Fleet Simulation role-playing game where players take control of one or several ships in a large Federation fleet. Players simulate and obey the Chain of Command (CoC) and the Fleet must work together to complete missions and various tasks. Single-player ships as well as group ships are available to command and simulate. Emphasis on realistic fleet actions and protocol. Please be an active and responsible writer – Mature Content is allowed.

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UFOP: StarBase 118, a Star Trek PBEM RP Fandom – PbEM We are a community of people who love writing and Star Trek. We’ve been together as a group since June of 1994 and have enjoyed years of simming under a highly trained command staff. Our group offers an extensive and complete training course upon acceptance that will acclimatize you to our rules and ways of simming. We also offer a very active forum, an online database to organize your character’s information, and of course, a ship to suit your simming style. Our group’s minimum age requirement is 13, and we are rated PG-13 for content. We’d love to have you join our group. See you soon!
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