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Forsaken Lullaby PbP – A friendly community of the naughty kind, all members are welcomed like old friends. All writing styles and skills are accepted. With clear simple rules and a freedom to write just about anything, there’s sure to be something to catch your interest. The core for the limitless chest of tales lies within. Care to join us?

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Guilty Pleasures PbP – Guilty Pleasures is a forum where adult themes are welcome, but not the entire focus. The most stunning aspect of this site is probably the tightly knit community you can enjoy between role-plays. Looking for a board filled with literate writers? Looking for a place that welcomes all styles of writers/Roleplayers? Come join us at Guilty Pleasures and indulge.
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SavageRed PbP – A budding adult roleplay forum. We focus on a strong community and friendships, and giving members the freedom and support to play even their darkest desires. 18+ only.
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Sinner’s Eden PbP – Sinner’s Eden is a relaxed Horror/Supernatural RPG with a wide selection of species to choose from. Primarily set in modern day Las Vegas, Nevada, it also offers other settings from Forest Tribes to medieval and Roman periods, the Victorian age and even Steampunk. We have few rules and those we do have, are relaxed. Though the background is somewhat extensive, we allow players a lot of freedom of creativity to create their own unique story with their own unique character. So come check us out and tell us your story. We’re eager to hear it.

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WantSome Yaoi RP Forum Adult – PbP – Originally started for yaoi fans, this play-by-post RP forum has expanded in focus to include all role play types and genres, be that original or fandom. With an active community, chatbox, games, fiction, and varied discussions, the forum has become a sociable, all-inclusive home online for many members. This is an adult-only RP forum for users who are over 18 years of age.

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