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Beautiful Tragedies Fandom – Vampire Diaries – PbP – Exploring the darker side of the supernatural world, we take the basis of the show Vampire Diaries and add our own twists and lore into the mix to create our own Beautiful Tragedies. We ask that all members be the legal age of 18, as we do not censor our writing.

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Chronicles of Thedas Fandom – Video Games – Dragon Age – PbP – Chronicles of Thedas is set after the games, the the year 9:50DA and is based on the world of Dragon Age. No canon characters are played and only the lore, geography and history are an influence, we are not trying to recreate the games but instead forge our own plots and use the setting to do this. The board plot is the Mage vs Templar war, but we have created new factions, new magic and hold to the spirit of the games without being beholden to them. New Bioware content is included, but we are more AU than strictly canon. This is a Dragon Age board, – dark fantasy at its best.

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Delectable Desires Fandom – Anita Blake – PbP – Alair, a Master Vampire, told go to New Orleans upon learning of the Chaos consuming the city
due to Hurricane Katrina. Since he arrived, he has built his power base from literally the ground up. His rise to power has not been easy. Since gaining MotC status Alair has reorganized and rebuilt New Orleans not only for the Vampires but for the humans too. Despite him being firmly in place, he is not immune to other Vampires trying to attack and overthrow him. Though direct warring over territories is forbidden other means are effective and acceptable.

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Dragon Age: Absolution Fandom – Video Games – Dragon Age – PbP – The year is 9:32. In the wake of the Mother’s siege, the Grey Wardens of Ferelden are rebuilding, and struggling with new enemies. And Kirkwall’s nightmare has just begun. Tainted lyrium, internal conflict, subterfuge, dissension in the ranks, and more! No word count, Original Characters and Canons welcome! 18+ please.

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Fangs N Fur Fandom – True Blood – PbP – New Orleans, a city full of color, tradition, and a vibrant night life, more vibrant than its inhabitants had ever imagined. First, Vampires came out of the coffin. Now, Weres and Shifters have revealed themselves and the reactions are as mixed as the ‘supes’ themselves. In a city still trying to recover from the ravages of Katrina, how will the citizens react to these new changes? Human. Vampire. Were. Shifter. Which are you and where do you stand in the city that care forgot?

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May the Darkness be Merciful Adult – Fandom – Books – Black Jewels – War had kept the Realms apart for nearly 100,000 years. Kaeleer closed its borders to live in isolation after watching wars tear Terreille apart. Power-hungry rulers had left the land to suffer and wither in Terreille before its despair called for peace to be sought. Years of political discussions saw a truce built as they turned away from warfare to restore their homes. Tension still exists but the peace has held. Kaeleer’s borders have re-opened and relations are good. There are those in both Realms that wonder when greed will rule Terreille again and those who believe it already does…

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The Next Incantation Adult – Fandom – Harry Potter – PbP – Set 50 years after the fall of Voldemort, this is your chance to play in the Harry Potter Universe with your own original characters. You can get sorted into a Hogwarts house, take classes and do homework to earn points, role-play out of class interactions with your professors and fellow students, earn galleons for posting, and spend them on collectible items at Diagon Alley. The Next Incantation is also a vibrant community of adult Harry Potter fans who love sharing their passion with new friends. The site includes forums, live chat, and free blogs. Come share the magic!

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TMNT RPG TMNT – PbP – New York City is an object of awe, desire, and disparagement, an image both alluring and, often, frightening. It is also home to eight million people of every race, color, and creed. It it a dazzling jewel, a hypnotic and intoxicating place…and deadly. Within its glistening exterior live gangs, drug dealers, rapists, murderers…people who hate because they can, hurt because they must. The weak are helpless, the destitute are homeless, and many resort to desperate measures just to see another day. But also within this city lives a new breed of hero…and their sworn enemies.

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