Fandom/Fanfic – Dragon Riders of Pern

Benecio Weyr Fandom – PbP – We are a loose semi-canon DRoP RPG, accepting all levels of roleplayers, from beginner to advanced. There is something for everyone here. We encourage people to be creative and strike up their own mini plots with other members between larger site wide plots, so what are you waiting for?!Choose your side, the lonely Benecio Weyr, fallen from favor with the rest of Pern, or the survivalist Onyx Rebellion, against all traditional hierarchy. Yet, even as these two factions battle, be aware of even greater dangers just beyond the horizon.

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Cepju Weyrhold PbP – The Long Interval is ending. While numerous dragons fly the skies, thread has been forgotten but things have begun to change. Golds clutch more frequently, animals seek places to hide, and the Red Star looms in the heavens.

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Delta Weyr Fandom – PbP – Delta Weyr is the youngest of Pern’s Weyrs. It was founded on the Southern continent at the end of the Fourth Pass, near lands rich in farmland and ore. The Weyr first grew slowly, steadily, enjoying the Threadless Interval, but then the expected end came and went, with no sign of their ancient enemy despite the presence of the Red Star. The Fifth Pass is late, and those who doubt grow more numerous. Most riders remain convinced that Thread will return. Meantime, the Weyrleadership is faltering, clinging to power they do not deserve, causing the Weyr to be unprepared.

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Myths & Legends Fandom – PbP – For 450 Turns, Pern was Thread-free. Believing themselves rid of their ancient enemy once and for all, the people of Pern turned a blind eye to the empty Weyrs, to the slow decline of their once-saviors, the dragonriders. So Lessa took matters into her own hands and made a jump between to the start of the Eighth Interval, but something went wrong. Lessa’s delirium never broke, she faded and died, and the riders of the Eighth Interval made a decision: they would make the jump to the Ninth Pass regardless of the dangers.

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The Wastes: Equinox Weyr Fandom – PbP – We are a Tenth Pass, relaxed-canon forum and fansite, with worldwide story arcs and friendly members! We have hatchings and Gathers throughout the year, and are in constant need of characters of all ranks and types!

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Vaioa Weyr Fandom – PbP – Vaioa Weyr is about to enter the 5th Pass. With the return of Thread comes a unique world for dragonriders, wherhandlers, crafters, and holders alike. Whers take on the role of guarding against bandit attacks and helping excavate the precious minerals from the nearby mine. Dragon flights and hatchings are frequent and there is always room for candidates and riders. There are regular plots involving the members, and we maintain a fun and active community. Vaioa is semi-canon, featuring sport colors and unique storylines.

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