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A Taste of True Blood PbP – Highly active True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries RPG and discussion site! Come join us as we play through this riveting series.

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Blood Moon PbP – A modern day True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries setting; nothing fancy, just the True Blood you know and love! There is murder, magic and mayhem enough for everyone! Vampires have come out of the closet since the Japanese developed a synthetic blood. True Blood makes it possible for vampires to live inthe open without the need to hunt humans for sustenance. The rest of the supernatural community looks on and watches what transpires. Sookie is still the polite southern telepath, Bill is still dark and brooding and Eric is still a lying a-hole.

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The Jersey Devil PbP – We are a canon-free, True Blood based roleplaying site that encourages character and plotting freedom and creativity. There are three cities for characters to interact in and move between, each with their own unique problems and supernatural struggles that are subject to change and grow based on the characters in each city. But watch out: just like in real life, sometimes small events in one place can cause ripples that will impact the entire board later on and change up the plot in unpredictable and exciting ways.
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