Play by Post – Action/Adventure

Hetalia: The Last Days – Hetalia: The Last Days is a unique roleplay that carries out group events using a Game Master to Player Character style of roleplay system. Immerse yourself as our Game Masters (GMs) weave the tale, allowing you to explore in a unique, interactive setting; and that’s not all. I’ve personally developed a unique, entertaining and cheat-proof dice combat system, so you can kiss those annoying godmoders goodbye. These are the last days of the earth as we know it. This is our final hour.
Founded on 02/03/2012
Added on 02/23/2012

Nethering’s Institution for the Criminally Insane – A government experiment gone wrong, an island that no one knows about and a struggle for survival and sanity. Nethering’s is the most insane, brand new role-play on the web! Choose from a soldier, a doctor, or patient and try to survive the island or die trying. With a twist on a historical plot and interesting members, the only limit is your imagination! If you are crazy about role playing? Then join us at Netherings and see if you can survive.

Founded on 02/02/2012
Added on 03/01/2012