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Bridesmaids Slot: Microgaming has luck in the game AND in love?

If you have seen the film Bridesmaids in 2011 and laughed your ass off as much as we did?

If you liked the film, you will fall in love with Microgaming’s slots. In this case you are very likely also:

a) a woman with taste

b) a man (and unfortunately already spoken for).

For the gentlemen among you: You have to be very strong now.

Therefore, the slot machine with the pink candy charm is very stylish in pink. Here you finally meet again the funny troupe Lillian, Helen, Annie, Rita, Megan and Becca, who let us participate in their wedding preparations.

But seriously, gentlemen, it’s not that bad. On the contrary! At the latest when you have experienced the bonus games, the many freespins and other features at this machine, you will also become friendly with the color pink.

Ladies – you certainly don’t have to be convinced anymore, you are born with good taste!

Technical features

If for you the colors pink and pink have always been the epitome of horror, we now simply ask you to dare the confrontation therapy. Take a closer look, and let these five rollers have an effect on you. Reels, that is not a masculine, testosteronstrotzendes word?

Ganze 40 Gewinnlinien calls the Slot its own. And everywhere you are smiled at by the nice girls from the Bridesmaids – film, which look forward gigantically to a mad wedding.

In and again at the left side also a man is to be seen, who wants to blow up apparently the party. The girls make every effort to make the wedding a perfect day with colorful cupcakes and beautiful jewelry.

There are even real clips from the movie, which is a special highlight and not to be found at every machine. In our opinion this deserves another huge plus point.

There is absolutely no lack of interactions and entertainment.

The game is suitable for all types of players with a range of uses from 0.40 to 60.00 per player. If you are now curious, you can test the game in the online casino of your confidence simply free of charge, always and everywhere, even with your tablet or smartphone. We honestly have to admit that this slot is probably made for the female audience, but with all its features it is definitely worth trying by the men among you!

bonuses and winnings Game description

If you’ve ever planned a wedding and thought the to-do list is damn long, be prepared for something. The to-win list in Bridesmaids is much longer!

If you find the cupkake at least three times somewhere on your five reels, you’ll end up at the Wheel of Fortune. On the Wheel of Fortune, you’ll find a selection of cupcakes in different colors. These symbolize different prizes, such as a triple win and multipliers.

As we have already indicated, it is a machine with very good payouts. That’s why the bonus game with the wheel of fortune is by no means over, but you can try your luck again right away. Maybe you are the next winner to win one of the 11 cash prizes including the Chunky Jackpot?

The object of desire in the Bridesmaids is definitely the Wheel of Fortune. With the right spin, there’s a long list of possible bonus rounds here, as promised:

1. Friendship Free Spins: These are 10 free spins on the slot, where the winning combinations are even scored in both directions, and not only from left to right. With the faces of Helen, Annie and Lillian your winning account fills up in no time.

2. Flying High Free Spins: Here the Expanding Wilds dominate and there is a lot of action with “Rolling Wheels”.

3. Magic Moment: Here you are spoilt for choice if you can choose between 10 face down cards. As soon as you uncover Annie’s carrot cake, this bonus round is unfortunately over and you can only hope that many more Magic Moments will follow.

4. Boutique Bonus: This round works just like the game “Memory” that you probably know from your childhood.

As you can see, Microgaming has equipped this slot machine with endless entertainment, but also bonus rounds and chances to win, so you can have hours of fun and thrills with it. Above all, you can win so well that it’s easily enough not just for one, but for two or more hen parties. Never before has marriage been so worthwhile!