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Candyland Slot: 1×2 gaming in the colorful land of sweet sin

Who doesn’t like sweets? Made with delicious sugar and gelatine, the sweets melt on your tongue like a delicious ice cream from the ice cream parlour in bella Roma! Whether gummy bears, sour tongues or lollipops – there is something for everyone in the drawer. You just have to be careful that mum doesn’t see it, or your friend, whose opinion is that you should rather reach for a stalk of celery!

p>p>The video slot of 1×2 Gaming is hard to beat when it comes to the diabetes-exciting qualities. But how does Candyland perform in terms of classic slot machine values such as winnings and losses, suspense and longevity? Can Candyland make you smile even on rainy days when your head threatens to implode under pressure?

Technical features

We only see pink! Pink scroll, pink symbols, even a pink set of rules is presented to us. The target group is therefore clear: female players of all ages. It’s no wonder that strawberries, cola, donuts and different kinds of lollipops say hello. With this tasty automat one reaches nevertheless gladly into the candy glass!

Even if one has in the real life gladly alternation, one should collect as much as possible same sweets with Candyland. Because as always there are only profits, if similar symbols occur in a profit line. By the way, Candyland has 9 of these, spread over 3 rows and 5 reels.

To make sure there is something to be had with the winnings, you first have to make a bet. At Candyland you can choose between one cent and 22.5 euros. 1×2 Gaming also uses the same principle for many other slot machines. The maximum amount is made up of the maximum coin value, 50 cents, the 9 pay lines and up to 5 coins per line.

Although the slot machine cannot graphically keep up with the pioneers of the genre, there is at least no risk of eye cancer here. The symbols are all quite appealing. One would not like to bite in, but for it one bought also last the genuine Gummi Bears!

bonuses and winnings

If you play Candyland, you don’t just want to pay for the sight of virtual sweets. There must also be the possibility to win. The yellow star does not point to the yellow teeth of human candy killing machines, but is a scatter that quintuples possible wins. In addition, the inclined Candyland player will find the green wild symbol that replaces all other candies. So it’s a symbol that can be both cotton candy and candy – a very useful invention!

But the best symbol is the sweet something in blue and purple. This gives the player up to 25 free spins: Enough to make groundbreaking profits possible, with which one can then buy up the complete sweets rule in the supermarket.