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Casino Games Nowadays, with the help of an internet connection and a computer, everyone can play casino games from the comfort of their sofa. This practice has made a lot of fans and many English people now play online. On the other hand, I know that novices have a lot of questions about these virtual casinos. What games are available? Are the sensations of playing in an online casino the same as in a land-based casino? This article will finally give you the answers you’ve been waiting for. You will find a detailed list of all the games available at an online casino. You will even be able to try these games without making a deposit if you log on to So what are you waiting for?

Table games

If you are a fan of table games in land-based casinos, then you won’t be disappointed by the online ones. Indeed, you will find on the web a wide selection of table games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, craps and even sic bo. But that’s not all! The advantage of online casinos is that they also offer many variations of these classic table games. These are very fun to use and will give you the opportunity to rediscover your favorite table games.

Moreover, for those who want to play a game of blackjack or try their luck at roulette in front of a real dealer, this is now possible with the live dealer mode. To learn more about it, I recommend you read our article “Playing online casino with live dealers”.

Slot machines

Slot machines are the most widely used games on the net. This does not surprise us, given the wide variety of machines offered by different online casinos. There are all kinds and for all tastes and you can try them here: and for free. The slot machines are completely modernized and offer 3D games, as well as numerous sound and visual animations. Among all this choice, you’re bound to find slot machines that you’ll enjoy playing on. You’ll also find other sites about slot machines and all the other best casino games, feel free to browse them to learn more about your passion!

Video poker

Video poker is a mix between Texas Hold’em and slot machines. However, unlike the latter, this game is not based solely on chance. Indeed, video poker requires reflection and concentration. Unlike a classic poker game, here you play only against the casino. In addition, like table games, video poker has a very large number of online variants.
Scratch games and lotteries

You may be amazed to find scratch games in virtual casinos. However, they are very popular on the web. Online, there is a choice of games that is far superior to that of your tobacconist. In addition, the price of virtual scratch tickets are much lower than traditional tickets, and the winnings are higher.

In online casinos you will also find lottery games, which is something that our friend Romuald from the blog didn’t want us to forget. Like scratch games, they are much cheaper than a classic lottery ticket and the winnings are just as important.