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How to analyze an online casino?

How to analyze an online casino? Today in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, there is a growing number of online casinos which is impressive, every month several new establishments are created. Not all of them are interesting enough for us to take an interest in them, but there are some of them that really have undeniable qualities and it is these casinos that we intend to make you explore by including them in our Top 10. However, you need to know how we proceed to select and rate them because if we don’t reveal our secrets, how will you trust us? And what we want above all is to be credible with our readers. So here’s our recipe:

Are the games varied?

The reason you come to an online casino is to play, isn’t it? So it seems normal that the first thing to analyze is the games. In an online casino, generally, you will find all the games that you will have in a land-based casino but with many more variations. What is important to understand is that every online casino uses a game editor to let them use their game library. Since you have far fewer publishers than online casinos, you will find the same games in casinos that have nothing to do with each other. In any case, the important thing is to take a look at the collection to see if the games match what you are looking for. You can try them out for free on sites like which specializes in roulette. If you were a fan of another game, just type the name of the game into Google and you will find sites that offer it for free. Furthermore, you will be happy to learn more about your passion thanks to this site developed by professionals in love with their profession:

Are the bonuses attractive?

As we all know by now, the most noticeable advantage of online casinos is the bonuses, those promotions that allow you to see your casino balance increase significantly. Because bonuses are really linked to the casino you are going to play at, it is important to understand them and therefore we think of course about the conditions they are attached to.

Are the payments fast?

What you want when you are a casino player is to receive your winnings quickly when you generate them and not a few weeks after you request them. What is certain is that when you deposit at a casino, it only takes a second for the casino to debit you, so the least you can do is to have a very fast turnaround time to get paid. To verify this, nothing better than asking other players on the forums.

Does customer service offer relevant answers?

Last but not least, our final selection criterion is of course customer service. Will they be able to help you properly when you need it? This is an important question that you will need to answer before registering, because in an emergency, this service can really help, but it must be properly trained. To make sure of this, nothing better than doing a mock application while you are not yet registered. You’ll also learn more about how to greet players.