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Lucky Twins Slot – Microgaming Has Lucky Twins

China is just different. What did the game developers at Microgaming think about when they designed the slot machine Lucky Twins?

Our heads were smoking and finally we had to think about the one-child policy in China. Exactly, that must be it. In China every couple is better advised to have only one child. The siblings would be “illegal” so to speak. Too bad for the people who want more than one child and cannot pay the punishment for a second one.

Is it not a wonderful coincidence of fate when twins are born? In this case the regulation does not apply. The twins are officially recognized and the family can really appreciate the child blessing in a double pack.

If you are fascinated by China, this slot will absolutely inspire you. Let Lucky Twins beam you directly into the Middle Kingdom. So you can be sure that you will go to work with one of the most powerful lucky symbols if you decide on a few spins with this slot.

A Chinese proverb says: “Luck was born as a twin”.

Technical features

Lucky Twins is simple and beginner-friendly and has five reels and nine paylines ready for you. You can play with as little as 0.10, but you can also bet up to 10 coins per spin. You can bag five or ten times that with the right spin.

Are you ready for a really big win? Then we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the jackpot that will make you 25,000 coins richer! Maybe the Lucky Zodiac slot machine will tell you something. If so, you’ll notice the similarity between the two slots, only the twins will give you even more chances and payouts.

If you’re as fascinated by Chinese culture and the symbolism of the country as we are, you’ll love this machine. The reels are colorful and you will find all sorts of lucky symbols such as crackers, which should bring you prosperity. This machine puts you in the right mood to let coins jingle into your till.

We spent a great time with the online slot and felt a little like in a Chinese restaurant. And we have to say, this is one of the most beautiful places! Surrounded by beautiful music, beautiful colors and sprinkled by a wonderful rain of money on our profit account. You shouldn’t miss this feeling. It feels like triumph when you have managed to eat with chopsticks for the first time. Oh what, actually even better!

Lucky Twins focuses on the basics and offers solid odds whenever you want, wherever you want. Are you waiting for the taxi to take you to your favourite Chinese restaurant and want to spend the waiting time sensibly? Then grab your smartphone or tablet and try your luck!

Bonuses and winnings Game description

The main focus of this game is of course on the Lucky Twins. The Lucky Twins are the wild symbol that gives you action and the best winnings. The very best thing that could happen to you would be five twins on one payline.

Although there is no bonus round in another window, you don’t have to do without highlights. On the other hand, you can secure tons of wild bonus rounds to achieve better winning combinations and ensure the well-being of your account.

The second highlight is the bonus spin round. You can start with 10 free spins if you hit at least three scatter symbols. Multipliers are also activated. At the end of each spins you even have the chance to win a prize worth thousands of coins.

We can only warmly recommend this charming game to you and wish you many beautiful and lucrative hours with it!