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Online casinos are better: why?

Online casinos are better: why? It’s not a surprise if most English players have switched from land-based casinos to online casinos, this has been expected for some time now, all forecasts tended to predict this, to the great regret of land-based casinos such as Partouche, Barrière, etc., as you can imagine, since it is their market share that is plummeting with, of course, a drop in turnover.

If this continues, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be able to see some of its most reputable casinos close down, which is certainly a pity for the country, but after all, all they have to do is be more interesting, try to counter online casinos with promotional actions, etc., but they do not, too bad. In this article we will see together the four main advantages that make you love online casinos more than land-based casinos :

Your house, your casino

Tired of moving around? Yes, that’s one reason why many of you have given up land-based casinos, as a study published on in May 2017 shows. Indeed, most of you feel better at home, in a quiet place rather than in a room where noise is the key word and where it is impossible to concentrate for more than three minutes at a time. So for a slot machine player, it’s not a big deal, but for a blackjack or poker player, right now it’s more annoying. Playing at the casino from your home is therefore the assurance of being able to play in peace and that many of you enjoy.

No schedule for you

How many times have we heard players complaining that the casino they wanted to play in was closed. And yes, while most of us are free after 5pm, many players are only free after hours and then they find their casino closed. This is not fair and online casinos have managed to overcome this. Because everything happens on the internet, there is no precise schedule. So you will be able to play in the morning, afternoon and at night as well, which pleases a good part of the gambling population.

Great bonuses

One thing that land-based casinos have not yet been able to cope with is the bonuses of online casinos, and this is incomprehensible. Why don’t they also make a system that rewards players who spend a lot within the premises? A player who plays at an online casino knows that if he deposits 100€, he can get 100 more to start the game. It’s hard to compete with that.

All games and more

Finally, we’ll finish up on the games. In a land-based casino, for the bigger ones, you have a lot of games available but in the smallest online casino, you will always have a lot more. The gambler will be fascinated by the more than 1000 games available to him.

We believe that this is the reason why players leave the land-based casinos.