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Playing online casino with live dealers

Playing online casino with live dealers New technologies have not yet finished impressing us. Indeed, the constant evolution of online casinos never ceases to dazzle us. Being able to play casino games directly from our couch had already impressed us, and then game developers began to create a range of 3D games with stunning graphics to enhance the gaming experience for users. But the latest invention of online casinos is undeniably revolutionary. Have you heard of live dealers?

Real gaming sensations

Finally, you will have a strong argument to answer the disgruntled, who say that the gambling sensations at online casinos are not the same as those at a land-based casino. Indeed, with the online dealers of the casino live, you can play your favorite table game in the rules of the art!

The method is ingenious, using micro cameras placed in front of the croupier’s gaming table, the croupier’s actions are transmitted live to the player’s computer. So you won’t lose a crumb of the dealer’s actions. In addition, there is usually a chat room where the dealer and the player can discuss and exchange information. When it comes to blackjack, just like in a real game, as many as 7 players can join you at the table to help you beat the dealer. And beforehand, a good training session prepared for you on the website will help you to bring the dealer to the mat.

Why such a success?

First of all, this method allows beginner players to familiarize themselves with the game and the terms commonly used. In addition, for those who do not wish to travel to a land-based casino, they will not have to sulk over their passion by playing peacefully from the comfort of their lounges. Finally, for the few individuals who like to spread the rumor that online casino games are rigged, they have tangible proof of the casino’s good faith. They will be able to observe the professionalism of the croupiers at their leisure, and see with their own eyes that nothing is rigged!

Which online casino can you play in front of a dealer?

Although this live dealer option does not exist in all online casinos, there are about ten casinos that offer it. The best casino for us is Cresus Casino, which offers its users no less than 4 live table games, among which: blackjack, baccarat, punto banco and roulette. The second step of our podium is awarded to Bet Live Casino, which alone offers 5 live table games: Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Live Poker, Three Card Poker and Baccarat. In third place, we offer the Grand Macau Live Casino which has live blackjack, baccarat and roulette.