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Vikings Go Berzerk Slot | Yggdrasil lets go of the wild Vikings

If you have only one red hair in your beard, you probably have Viking blood flowing in you. But if you want to be a real Viking, you’re going to have to go for hard bandages. If the neighbor is too loud, get the axe out of the shed and smash the front door until the neighbor is quiet. In the evening for the soccer game no beer is drunk, but mead. If you don’t want to think about being a Viking again?

When you play Vikings Go Berzerk, you have a long chance. The Scandinavian developers of Yggdrasil are known for programming exciting games that provide thousands of players at the online casino with great fun. Yggdrasil’s video slots are among the best in the industry, not least because of the loving implementation of the themes!

Technical features

With a video sequence that could have been written by Steven Spielberg, Yggdrasil lets the player breathe the first northern air. The Vikings attacked by sea monsters have to fight bravely to finish their conquest strip.

The player has no real influence on this, but he meets the Vikings already known from the first part, Vikings Go Wild. As expected, the presentation of the slot was very well done, although the comic-like style is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, nobody will be able to complain about the presentation of Yggdrasil’s latest video slot.

Vikings Go Berzerk can be played with stakes between 0.25€ and 125€ and is thus somewhat above average. This could be due to the increased number of symbols per role, because there is room for 4 symbols on each role. With 25 paylines the player gets enough possibilities to use the larger number of symbols!

bonuses and winnings

With such a prestigious slot Yggdrasil must also offer some profit possibilities. Not true?

Yggdrasil built into Vikings Go Berzerk amazing features that makes Viking heroes collect rage. As soon as a win is made and appropriate symbols are available, one of the Vikings wins rage. The higher the win, the more rage is collected. This would be unfunny if there were no point at which rage leads to an event. So you can guess three times what will happen when the rage meter is full!

Seven free spins will start immediately and that’s where we’ll find the sirens that want our poor Vikings on leather. The encounter with the sea monsters gives the player all sorts of possibilities, such as winning more free spins, treasure chests with up to 10000 coins content and much more.

Not only great prizes are safe due to these features, but also a varied gaming experience that you will certainly like!